Two fair trade, organically grown, whiskey barrel aged coffees perfect for adding a nip of bourbon to!

WHISKEY BARREL PERU takes really nice Peruvian coffee to a whole new level... It's mellow but full bodied flavor is the perfect base for our whiskey barrels. Waves of oak and whiskey jump out of the mug and are met by bold notes of toasted almond and coconut begging for a shot of whiskey! Get it!

MAPLE BARREL BUGISU - Pumped to offer a Maple Barrel Aged Coffee! We took our favorite organic, single origin coffee Uganda Bugisu and put it in a whiskey barrel cured with Pure Vermont Maple Syrup. The result is a deliciously subtle cup with an amazing syrupy sweet backbone and finish that tastes of oak, vanilla and whiskey! Very limited supply folks so get it while it lasts!

A 6oz bag of each Barrel Aged Coffee is included.
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