$WAGGER $AUCE is a fermented hot sauce made with young, rich jalepenos we grow beyond organic standards on our small farm. All it takes to make this $WAG is peppers, vinegar, salt and time. It's a mild hot sauce with just the right amount of bite and a smooth almost fruity finish thanks to the fermentation process... It ages like a fine wine, too. It's great on tacos, eggs, pizza and pretty much anything else worth adding some $wagger too.

We are also throwing in a jar of $wagger Jelly, a pepper jelly made with our $$$ jalepenos. It's sweet, not hott but has just the right amount of twang to make things interesting. Great on toast, biscuits, burgers and anything else you want to add that sweet $wagger to... The truth is you'll end up putting $wagger jelly on everything and come back begging for more!

This package full of $wag ships priority flat rate!

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