You get one 6oz bag of the following Barrel Aged Coffee offerings...

MAPLE BARREL BUGISU - Pumped to offer a Maple Barrel Aged Coffee for the first time ever! We took our favorite organic, single origin coffee Uganda Bugisu and put it in a whiskey barrel cured with Pure Vermont Maple Syrup. The result is a deliciously subtle cup with an amazing syrupy sweet backbone and finish that tastes of oak, vanilla and french toast crunch! Very limited supply folks so get it while it lasts!

WINE BARREL YIRGACHEFFE is at this point a classic for us... We offer this coffee only a few times a year when we can get our hands on the best micro lots coming out of Ethiopia and this batch of WINE BARREL YIRGACHEFFE is easily the best one we've ever made. The nose and first taste of this cup is of super dank oaked red wine, blackberry and dark chocolate then mellows out to an amazing juicy citrus finish that makes the back corners of your cheeks tingle more and more as it warms. A showstopper indeed!

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